040 – DevExpress – TechSummit 2007 – Mark Miller on CodeRush and Refactor!Pro

Craig Murphy (wearing a DCon polo shirt!), Mark Miller

Welcome to podcast#40. Microsoft MVP and DevExpress IDE Architect, Mark Miller gets vocal about CodeRush and Refactor – IDE productivity tools from Developer Express. Over the course of 30 or so minutes, we discuss Mark’s favourite refactorings for WinForms/desktop code and for ASP.NET code. We also touch on how DevExpress choose which refactorings make it into the product.

The use of CodeRush is covered, as is the clever use of Gina and Sara – two models who could type but had never coded before. DevExpress ran a competition at DevConnections whereby attendees could win some cash if they could beat the models in a coding competition. The models had CodeRush and Refactor available to them, the attendees did not! I’ll be writing more about this competition later this month, but in the meantime, consider this – the story of an attendee who used a competing refactoring tool, and lost!

Recorded live in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, there is some background noise, apologies for that.

“I did not steal a dollar bill, no sir!”

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