Job: Glasgow: Senior games programmer, C++, STL, OOP

A school friend has made me aware of this position in Glasgow. If you are interested in applying for this role, drop me an e-mail (address on the right hand side) or reply to me on Twitter (@camurphy) and I’ll put you in touch with my school friend!

Senior Games Programmer / Games Developer with high level of proficiency with C++, STL and OOP is required by a well established games company.

Games Programmer / Games Developer Key Skills

  • High level of proficiency with C++, STL and OOP
  • Solid code architecture and planning skills
  • Exceptional communication and team working skills

The Experienced Game Programmer will work to bring latest games to completion on a number of current and next-gen platforms. Candidates must be passionate about gaming and ideally have experience with handheld and/or mobile platforms and a deep interest in games in general and racing games in particular.

As a member of a highly talented team you will work with the Lead Programmer, Producer and game team to implement game features, optimise code and algorithms as well as platform specific requirements. You are expected to use your solid industry knowledge to help establish the perfect balance between quality and scope.


  • BS in Computer Science or other suitable degree preferred
  • Professional experience working in video game development


  • A minimum of 5 years of professional video games programming experience
  • Credited on at least 2 published video games in a Programmer or Senior Programmer role
  • Experience through a full development cycle and certification submission on at least one HD console game

Desired skills

  • Experience with handheld and/or mobile platforms
  • A deep interest in games in general and racing games in particular
  • Good optimisation skills in general and on HD consoles in particular

Shopa needs your vote to make it bigger and better!


TL;DR summary
shopa needs your help making it bigger and better! Click here, then vote! Thanks!

About shopa
shopa is a social technology company that enables risk-free word of mouth sales growth for independent businesses who sell products and services online.

Customers of online retailers using shopa’s ‘share & earn’ tool can receive cash incentives for recommending products. Customers can easily share products they like with friends and if any of them buy, they both share an instant cash reward. shopa’s retail partner’s benefit from a network of personal recommendations.

The shopa team, led by Peter Janes, has built the clever technology with limited resources and they have already caught the attention of major companies as well as angel investors who invested in the business in August.

But shopa is not just about the product; there is heavy emphasis on monetising data. The team has access to valuable behavioural data, which will further help clients to understand the behaviour of customers through the use of powerful analytics.

The business has recently been granted a patent in the US as well as a global technical partnership with eBay and its companies PayPal and Magento to continue their progress.

DDD North 2 – Windows Phone agenda app

I’m hoping that the DDD North 2 Windows Phone agenda will make it into the marketplace in time for the event on Saturday!

I did manage to get the app certified in time, however a last minute agenda change forced another upload! I *will* make a start to a generic version on Monday, honest!

If it doesn’t, and you have a developer unlocked phone, please feel free to download the .xap file. You can use the Application Deployment tool to side-load it on to your device.

Download and side-load the .xap file!