DDD7…the videos! #DDD #DDD7

At last year’s DDD7 event, we were lucky enough to have a very professional bunch of guys record the sessions for us.

Finding somewhere to host the videos has been a worry for me / us. Then, the very generous Ben Nunney offered us space and a huge amount of bandwidth, which should solve our problem. The videos are about 300MB each. Huge thanks to Ben for sorting that out for us!

Wire in…go nuts:

A Developers Guide to Network Admin – Part 1_low.wmv
and A Developers Guide to Network Admin – Part 2_low.wmvDave McMahon
ASP.NET 4.0 – TOP SECRET_low.wmvDave Sussman & Phil Winstanley
ASP.NET MVC – Show Me the Code_low.wmvSteven Sanderson
Concurrent Software in .NET_low.wmv – Nick Butler
How to Develop .NET on Linux using Ubuntu Distro_low.wmvToby Henderson
Implementing LINQ to Objects in 60 Minutes_low.wmvJon Skeet
Make the Most of Your Cores – Parallel Extensions for .NET_low.wmv – Ben Lamb
Microsoft Pex – The Future of Unit Testing_low.wmvBen Hall
Oslo, Microsofts Vision for the Future of Modelling_low.wmvRobert Hogg
TDD and Hard-To-Test Code_low.wmvIan Cooper
The Bleeding Edge of Web_low.wmvHelen Emerson
This One Goes Up to 11, or How to Write Scalable ASP.NET_low.wmvPhil Pursglove
Top 10 WCF Tips_low.wmvBarry Dorrans
Trust me, I Know What You Want!_low.wmvBeverley Hatchard
Using an Inversion of Control Container in a Real Word Application_low.wmvMike Hadlow
Virtualisation for Developers – What, Why, Where_low.wmvLiam Westley
Welcome to the CloudChris Hay
WPF Tips ‘n’ Tricks_low.wmv Sebastien Lambla

Video: Lean, Kanban and Theory of Constraints for Managers (@roblally at @epicenter2009)

Last month Rob Lally gave an excellent presentation at epicenter 2009 in Dublin. Rob on Twitter.

We managed to record the session, which includes an excellent practical demonstration that is well worth watching. Rob’s an excellent speaker, he fills 60 minutes with great content and humour.

The application of Lean principles, Kanban and pull-systems theory along with Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints revolutionised the manufacturing world in the second half of the twentieth century. Belatedly, the software world is waking up to the transformative effects these tools can have. There are still no silver bullets in the software world, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve our aim.

Having applied these principles and practices to many real-world, commercially-motivated projects, Rob speaks from the perspective of a practitioner not a theorist.

Although each of the three topics is a whole field of study unto itself, Rob’s goal is to communicate some of the key lessons from each, and have attendees leave with concrete ideas that they can use to improve their organisation.

No M&Ms were hurt in the making of this video, however some were eaten. Of course, if other confectioners wish to offer their “colour-coded” products for future demonstrations, please leave a comment here: but be warned, we will only deal in large quantities 🙂

Rob Lally @ epicenter 2009, Dublin from Craig Murphy on Vimeo.

.Net Developer, Competitive Salary, NetIDme Ltd, East Kilbride, Scotland #jobs

C#, ASP.NET MVC, AGILE, TDD : East Kilbride, Scotland, UK


We are looking for a lead C# .Net developer that wants to start working for a cutting edge, dynamic, fast moving company and join our team that develops exciting products in the area of online age and identity verification.

You must be able to demonstrate the following skills and experience:

  • At least 3+ years development experience as a team lead
  • C# and ASP.NET
  • A strong grasp of object-oriented design
  • A strong desire to produce quality code across all layers of an application stack

We work in a lot of exciting areas, so having demonstrable experience in any of the following areas will prove advantageous:

  • OpenID Information Cards
  • OAuth
  • OpenSocial
  • TDD
  • nHibernate
  • Castle Project
  • Objective-C
  • Facebook API

NetIDme provides a suite of online age and identity verification solutions for businesses operating in Remote Gambling, iGaming, eRetail and Online Community markets seeking to establish robust automatic online age and identity verification processes to adhere to current and pending UK, European and USA legislation.


Send your CV and cover letter to: recruitment@netidme.com

Please Note: All prospective employees must undergo a Disclosure Scotland check


4 * job openings in Edinburgh C# Dev, UX, SQL Server, SysAdmin

Money Dashboard are looking to fill four positions: C# Developer, UX Designer, SQL Svr DBA,
and SysAdmin.

I have the job specification for the C# Developer role, you can read it below. If you are interested in the other roles, please contact Money Dashboard direct – there’s an e-mail address at the end of the post, or there’s a jobs link on their web-site. Similarly, if you need to know more about the salary and benefits, please contact Money Dashboard directly.

C# .NET Senior Developer
We are looking for a pro-active experienced senior C# .NET developer, programmer, engineer and guru to help take our B2C application to masses and beyond. Our application uses the latest in development methodologies, technologies and infrastructure and is leading the way in Silverlight-based Rich Internet Applications. You will work with the rest of the team on rapidly developing our front end application as well as its complex framework, middleware and supporting systems while utilising input from product management and design. This is a lead role involving extensive collaboration with the rest of the business and with an opportunity to contribute to all stages in the development process.

This is a focused development role with an opportunity to get involved in all a broad range of technologies including the core Silverlight GUI as well as mobile, desktop and offline components.

You will be involved in…

  • Lead developer for GUI, application, business and data systems.
  • XAML and Silverlight 3+ integration with .Net and SDS for RIA solutions.
  • C# and .Net 3.5+ using the latest WPF and WCF technology to build business and data solutions.
  • Develops stored procedures, SQL and SSIS/SSRS as needed.
  • Works closely with business and technical teams to understand, document, design and code processes.
  • Works closely with technical and business teams to understand, document and design and code integration.
  • Will lead the translation of concepts, requirements and source mapping documents into solutions.
  • Design, develop, test, optimize and deploy .Net applications and SQL data components and related functions.
  • Develop online, mobile, desktop and offline applications, controls and gadgets in support of the core application.

You should have…

  • Candidate must have a deep understanding of application design, development, layout and presentation.
  • 5+ years experience of .Net development, .NET web services and .Net principles and architectures including the concepts, designs and usage of software components, deployments and packages.
  • Experience developing C# applications
  • Extensive experience and sound understanding of in ASP.NET, XML (with some XAML experience highly desirable), Linq, Windows Forms, WCF, Silverlight and Windows Services and SQL/Stored procedures
  • General experience with Javascript, CSS, xHTML and DOM.
  • Must be able to Analyze requirements, design and specification documents, and provide instructions to other team members.
  • Responsible for version and release management in development, testing, staging and production environments.
  • Manage change control and configuration management for deliverables.
  • Must demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills and be able to interface with all levels of business and IT.
  • Work well in a team-oriented environment managing multiple priorities, following a project plan and meeting project delivery dates.
  • Highly organized individual with excellent decision making, analytical, problem solving and presentation skills.
  • Excellent communication skills. Must be able to talk and understand clear English.
  • BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent professional experience

Money Dashboard is an easy to use, secure and free online personal finance service that helps people manage their money more effectively.

We will soon be launching our service to the general public and are looking for a few key individuals to join our ambitious team who believes in excellence and hard work. What we offer is involvement in a cutting edge proposition, a great working environment, challenges and just rewards. If you think you’re up for the challenge why don’t you email us at jobs@moneydashboard.com