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4 * job openings in Edinburgh C# Dev, UX, SQL Server, SysAdmin

Money Dashboard are looking to fill four positions: C# Developer, UX Designer, SQL Svr DBA,
and SysAdmin.

I have the job specification for the C# Developer role, you can read it below. If you are interested in the other roles, please contact Money Dashboard direct – there’s an e-mail address at the end of the post, or there’s a jobs link on their web-site. Similarly, if you need to know more about the salary and benefits, please contact Money Dashboard directly.

C# .NET Senior Developer
We are looking for a pro-active experienced senior C# .NET developer, programmer, engineer and guru to help take our B2C application to masses and beyond. Our application uses the latest in development methodologies, technologies and infrastructure and is leading the way in Silverlight-based Rich Internet Applications. You will work with the rest of the team on rapidly developing our front end application as well as its complex framework, middleware and supporting systems while utilising input from product management and design. This is a lead role involving extensive collaboration with the rest of the business and with an opportunity to contribute to all stages in the development process.

This is a focused development role with an opportunity to get involved in all a broad range of technologies including the core Silverlight GUI as well as mobile, desktop and offline components.

You will be involved in…

  • Lead developer for GUI, application, business and data systems.
  • XAML and Silverlight 3+ integration with .Net and SDS for RIA solutions.
  • C# and .Net 3.5+ using the latest WPF and WCF technology to build business and data solutions.
  • Develops stored procedures, SQL and SSIS/SSRS as needed.
  • Works closely with business and technical teams to understand, document, design and code processes.
  • Works closely with technical and business teams to understand, document and design and code integration.
  • Will lead the translation of concepts, requirements and source mapping documents into solutions.
  • Design, develop, test, optimize and deploy .Net applications and SQL data components and related functions.
  • Develop online, mobile, desktop and offline applications, controls and gadgets in support of the core application.

You should have…

  • Candidate must have a deep understanding of application design, development, layout and presentation.
  • 5+ years experience of .Net development, .NET web services and .Net principles and architectures including the concepts, designs and usage of software components, deployments and packages.
  • Experience developing C# applications
  • Extensive experience and sound understanding of in ASP.NET, XML (with some XAML experience highly desirable), Linq, Windows Forms, WCF, Silverlight and Windows Services and SQL/Stored procedures
  • General experience with Javascript, CSS, xHTML and DOM.
  • Must be able to Analyze requirements, design and specification documents, and provide instructions to other team members.
  • Responsible for version and release management in development, testing, staging and production environments.
  • Manage change control and configuration management for deliverables.
  • Must demonstrate strong verbal and written communication skills and be able to interface with all levels of business and IT.
  • Work well in a team-oriented environment managing multiple priorities, following a project plan and meeting project delivery dates.
  • Highly organized individual with excellent decision making, analytical, problem solving and presentation skills.
  • Excellent communication skills. Must be able to talk and understand clear English.
  • BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent professional experience

Money Dashboard is an easy to use, secure and free online personal finance service that helps people manage their money more effectively.

We will soon be launching our service to the general public and are looking for a few key individuals to join our ambitious team who believes in excellence and hard work. What we offer is involvement in a cutting edge proposition, a great working environment, challenges and just rewards. If you think you’re up for the challenge why don’t you email us at jobs@moneydashboard.com

050 – Andrew Fryer on SQL Server 2008 and “upgrade”

Eighth the in the Twelve Podcasts of Christmas 2008!

Andrew, Andy and Craig

Heroes Happen Here

In March 2008, Microsoft’s “2008” wave of product launches took place in Birmingham. It was a great opportunity to grab some podcasts with Microsoft Executives and many of their DPEs. In this podcast, co-hosted by Andy Westgarth, we’re chatting to Microsoft SQL Server Evangelist Andrew Fryer. Andy asks Andrew some challenging questions and receives some excellent answers. Andrew pops up with a few interesting quotes, well worth a listen!

This podcast was recorded back in March 2008, since then SQL Server 2008 has been released.

Photos of the event can be found here.

Podcast feed – subscribe here!

This podcast: http://www.craigmurphy.com/podcasts/050-Andrew-Fryer.mp3

Andrew Fryer’s blog

The Twelve Podcasts of Christmas 2008
01 – Kyle Baley on ALT.NET and Brownfield Development in .NET
02 – Aaron Parker on Microsoft Application Virtualisation
03 – Caroline Bucklow from IT4Communities: charitable software development
04 – Eileen Brown on IT Professionals, TechNet, Women In Technology & Girl Geek Dinners
05 – Stephen Lamb on security, community, Linux and Twitter
06 – Cristiano Betta on Geek Dinners
07 – David Yack and Jonathan Carter on ALT.NET, MVC and Community
08 – Andrew Fryer on SQL Server 2008 and “upgrade”
09 – Viral Tarpara on Collaboration, SharePoint, Open Source (Port 25) and Community
10 – Guy Smith Ferrier on Internationali[s|z]ation, VS2008, .net 3.5, C# language features
11 – Matt Dunstan on event management, “engagement” and life as an Application Platform Manager
12 – Stephen Lamb on his new role in marketing / PR

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Moving SQL Server 2005 Express databases to SQL Server 2000

23/06/2010 UPDATE
The database publishing wizard is integrated within Visual Studio 2008/2010.

Further information can be found here.

As you might well imagine, the on disk structure for SQL Server 2005 differs from that of SQL Server 2000.

Indeed, restoring a SQL Server 2005 [Express] database backup for use with SQL Server 2000 isn’t really the done thing, as this post confirms.

After a little head-scratching with the SQL Server 2005 Express data export and scripting options, I deemed it necessary to create a SQL script that was not only capable of creating the database structure, but was also able to create all the INSERT statements necessary to recreate the data too. And it had to create SQL suitable for SQL Server 2000’s dialect…

Further head-scratching led me to the Microsoft SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard. It does exactly what I needed and allowed me to move a SQL Server 2005 database back down to SQL Server 2000, as these screenshots confirm:

So, in a nutshell, here’s what I did:

  1. Ran the Database Publishing Wizard against my SQL Server 2005 Express database.
  2. Created a SQL Server 2000-compliant SQL script that contained all the SQL statements required to create the database. The SQL script also created all the INSERT statements required to populate the tables in the database.
  3. Created a new blank database in SQL Server 2000.
  4. Ran the SQL script from step 2 against the SQL Server 2000 database – using the Query Analyser.

Of course, there’s often more than one way to skin a cat, your mileage may vary.

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