DDD7…the videos! #DDD #DDD7

At last year’s DDD7 event, we were lucky enough to have a very professional bunch of guys record the sessions for us.

Finding somewhere to host the videos has been a worry for me / us. Then, the very generous Ben Nunney offered us space and a huge amount of bandwidth, which should solve our problem. The videos are about 300MB each. Huge thanks to Ben for sorting that out for us!

Wire in…go nuts:

A Developers Guide to Network Admin – Part 1_low.wmv
and A Developers Guide to Network Admin – Part 2_low.wmvDave McMahon
ASP.NET 4.0 – TOP SECRET_low.wmvDave Sussman & Phil Winstanley
ASP.NET MVC – Show Me the Code_low.wmvSteven Sanderson
Concurrent Software in .NET_low.wmv – Nick Butler
How to Develop .NET on Linux using Ubuntu Distro_low.wmvToby Henderson
Implementing LINQ to Objects in 60 Minutes_low.wmvJon Skeet
Make the Most of Your Cores – Parallel Extensions for .NET_low.wmv – Ben Lamb
Microsoft Pex – The Future of Unit Testing_low.wmvBen Hall
Oslo, Microsofts Vision for the Future of Modelling_low.wmvRobert Hogg
TDD and Hard-To-Test Code_low.wmvIan Cooper
The Bleeding Edge of Web_low.wmvHelen Emerson
This One Goes Up to 11, or How to Write Scalable ASP.NET_low.wmvPhil Pursglove
Top 10 WCF Tips_low.wmvBarry Dorrans
Trust me, I Know What You Want!_low.wmvBeverley Hatchard
Using an Inversion of Control Container in a Real Word Application_low.wmvMike Hadlow
Virtualisation for Developers – What, Why, Where_low.wmvLiam Westley
Welcome to the CloudChris Hay
WPF Tips ‘n’ Tricks_low.wmv Sebastien Lambla

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