NxtGenUG podcast 3

NxtGenUG podcast no.3 is now available.

Show #3 – The one with added security Saturday, July 01, 2006
Episode 3 – Dave turns up late, Rich reveals his secret Halo 2 gaming style, gets his knuckles rapped over security and Dave mentions his trip to Office DevCon. Featuring Steve Lamb on Security and TechnoTotty solves another problem.

Featuring: Steve Lamb on security

Dave and Rich chat with Steve Lamb, ITPro evangelist at Microsoft and self-confessed security geek. Dave may be shot and Rich gets a security rap on the knuckles. [Transcript]

Steve Lamb is an IT Pro Evangelist for Microsoft,UK, specialising in Security Technologies. For the Past 11yrs, he has worked solely as a security professional and during this time architected and implemented technical solutions for many FTSE 100 companies throughout Europe the Middle East and Africa. In addition Steve has worked with the military and governments of various countries.

Steve is well known on in the security community for the entertaining way he approaches a serious subject and most importantly, the impact he has in enabling people to do more with less risk. Security is not just about technology and can be far more complex however, Steve’s specialty is translating “Rocket Science” (deep technical) into Common Sense advice. His favourite topics are combating Malware, embracing PKI and Cryptography in general, Secure wireless networking and strategies for user awareness and dealing with social engineering.

Outside work Steve is a keen Freestyle Windsurfer, Teaches White Water Kayaking and occasionally gets to rip on a Snowboard – more often he wipes out!