What’s a Prodcast?

Update, 09/06/2011
As luck would have it, there is now a startup called prodcast! If you arrived here looking for http://prodca.st/, please feel to mosey on over there and have a look around!

Prodcast is a website where you can comment on the products you love and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Read more: http://www.killerstartups.com/Web20/prodca-st-review-the-products-you-buy

I’m a little confused. I like the sound of the word Prodcast as used by The IW Center here. But over at the QSNews/BCIS here, it seems it’s something differently completely.

To me, I believe that a Prodcast (if we must have another word for it) is something akin to a product demonstration delivered using the same technologies as a blogcast (i.e. a mix of audio and video).

Comments or thoughts?

2 thoughts on “What’s a Prodcast?”

  1. I am also confusing.
    Anyway,after having read your blog,I will not take the Prodcast as a mis-spelling of the podcast

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