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056 – Paolo Barone on academia, XNA, Silverlight, Twitter and Windows 7

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In this show, I’m joined by Microsoft Academic Evangelist Paolo Barone. We talk about Paolo’s role promoting Microsoft and .net in academia, XNA, Silverlight, Twitter and close with a chat about Windows 7. You’ll also get a chance to hear my [dreadful] attempt to close the podcast in Paolo’s native language!

During our chat about Twitter and Windows 7, we noted that Steven Sinofsky was very open to community feedback…hopefully this short recording is enough to convince Steven to join us all on Twitter where feedback is almost constant, first-hand and directly addressable!

This podcast: http://www.craigmurphy.com/podcasts/056-Paolo-Barone.mp3

Paolo’s blog
Paolo on Twitter
Steven Sinofsky, Senior Vice President, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group

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