Forth Road Bridge – Podcast #1

I don’t know what compelled me to do this, but after The Scotman’s campaign for a second crossing (be it a bridge, a tunnel or something else) over the River Forth Firth Of Forth [thanks Colin!], I’ve decided to record my experiences crossing the Forth Road Bridge.

I’ve chosen to podcast my entire journey, edited down such that the 75 minute drive is a 30 minute podcast. I’ll cover the route south, i.e. from Fife over to Edinburgh and back again.

Over the course of a week, you’ll hear a lot of my views and opinions on what’s wrong with the commute over to Edinburgh. Editing the podcasts takes about an hour, so please be patient, I will get them all uploaded as soon as possible. Also, the sound quality isn’t production quality, but it’s clear enough to get the point across.

I’ve got a lot that I want to say about this journey, I’ll try and put together a blog post “real soon now”.

FRB Podcast #1 [6MB], Monday 11/12/2006, Fife to Edinburgh, depart 0745, arrive 0900. Notice the slight frustration build up towards the end of the podcast!

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