Longstanding grudge: Don Coyote Country Pursuits…

Today saw me have a huge clear out of “piles of junk”. My recycle bins are full, I have space to move, I have spare storage boxes.

In this clear out, I came across a photocopy of an advert for Don Coyote Country Pursuits – they were contracted to provide a horse and carriage at our wedding some seven years ago. Except, they didn’t. They happily cashed my mother-in-law’s cheque for £100 (deposit) and then denied all knowledge of the booking. We ended up making other arrangements, kind of at the last minute. This seems reasons enough to boycott an organisation.

Anyway, I don’t take lying cheating sods likely. We wrote to them. We went to see them. All to no avail. We even wrote to the Sunday Post’s Raw Deal and saw our complaint printed:


However, even that didn’t work. So we pretty much left it at that…

…until now. Since I’ve “re-discovered” their advert and the Raw Deal piece, it’s time these folks were ousted.

Do not use Don Coyote Country Pursuits under any circumstances, they suck. If you see an advert like this one, avoid them, turn the page, go somewhere else.


This post will remain on this site until £100 + seven years of interest at 10% (compounded) is paid and a full written apology is received.

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