eXtreme Tayside – Second Meeting

Last night saw the second meeting of eXtreme Tayside. Interestingly, and this is not an uncommon pattern with user groups, not one of the folks who attended the first meeting (late November 2005) were at this meeting!

It was held at Dundee University’s new Queen Mother building. More information about the building can be found here. We were lucky enough to get a tour of the building which was rather interesting despite the fact that the original architect used the name “pod” to refer to the building’s various sections/pieces. The design appeared rather original and despite the lack of sun-blinds, offered some excellent features. As an aside, it also provides a home for dmag.

Anyway, we discussed a number of things, possible locations, venues, session topics, etc. Each person introduced themselves and told us a little bit about what they did and provided some insight into how they became interested in ‘agile’.

One thing that did come out during the introductions was the fact that test-driven development and continuous integration are rather popular. Gary mentioned that his firm use the notion of a “broken trophy” that gets given to the person who breaks the build – an interesting phrase that caught the attention of most of us. Naturally this reminded me of Dr. Neil Roodyn’s red screen/green screen that he demonstrated to Scottish Developers during a July 2005 presentation.

Given the reaction it got, I can see broken trophy entering the eXtreme Tayside vocabulary!