Quote: Jeremy Clarkson

During my recent travels, amongst other things, I was reading Jeremy Clarkson’s book The World According to Clarkson – it’s an excellent and humorous read, I can strongly recommend it. It had me laughing out loud…on board a fairly full easyJet 737-700 en route from Bristol to Edinburgh.

The book is a collection of his columns from The Sunday Times; I found his take on “facts” rather amusing:

The More We’re Told the Less We Know
…if you have all the facts to hand, you will see that there are two sides to every argument and that both sides are right. So, you can only have an opinion if you do not have all the facts to hand.

This would explain why we find ourselves listening to a lot of opinion. Very few people have all the facts, even if they are under the impression that they do – they are most likely confusing inadequate or inappropriate information as being correct and factual.