ScottishDevelopers – October 27, Edinburgh, Plumbing with Spring

Plumbing with Spring explores the philosophy and practice of the Dependency Injection design pattern (also known as Inversion of Control), a strategy for meeting the service and configuration requirements of components which can vastly simplify the job of testing assemblies and knitting an application together. Although there are a number of other frameworks available that support this approach, I’ll be looking specifically at Spring, a low-overhead open-source solution available for both Java and .NET. The session will consist of approximately 30% chat and 70% code examples.

Douglas Lindsay is currently working for JPMorganChase in Glasgow, designing and building large-scale systems with Java and Oracle. Previously, he has developed software for a number of companies, including The Solution Works who offer quality bespoke software development services; and the National Engineering Laboratories whose main focus is on research for the oil and gas sector. Besides Java, Douglas has experience with Delphi and C#, and has a number of years’ experience in both desktop and web application development.

Venue: Edinburgh (five minutes walk out of town from Haymarket railway station)

Start time: 1930

Registration and further information can be found here (free’n’quick registration required).