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061 – Edinburgh’s Turing Festival with Hilary Singer-Roberts and Gordon Guthrie

Gordon Guthrie and Hilary Singer-Roberts

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Welcome to show number 61! In this show I am chatting with Gordon Guthrie and Hilary Singer-Roberts about the Edinburgh Turing Festival and “Turing Town“. In this, Alan Turing’s Centenary Year, it’s great to see such an event take place and on my doorstep too!

The timing couldn’t be better: Thursday to Saturday, 23-25 August 2012.

The Turing Festival events are aligned with regular Edinburgh Festival Fringe events – they’re either free or relatively low cost. The timing of most of the Turing Festival events mean you can geek out for a couple of hours, then head off to grab an Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy gig (or whatever takes your fancy!) The bulk of the Turing Festival events take place in the Appleton Tower at Bristo Square, which is exactly where many other Edinburgh Festival Fringe events are taking place too!

The Turing Town organisers have managed to secure Steve Wozniak as their keynote speaker! The keynote is taking place at the Edinburgh Playhouse – it’s bound to be popular so get your tickets before they sell out!

The chaps over at Scottish Developers have written a piece about the Turing Festival too! They’ve highlighted the events that you can attend for free, but they do touch on some of the low-cost events.

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