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Lots of bright folks are speaking in the UK next month

UK – VBUG Annual Conference 2008 (the 11th!)

4th and 5th November 2008

2 days and 21 session tracks with presenters from across the UK and global community

Key Note:
Roy Osherove, founder of the Agile Israel community.

From overseas:
From the US the legendary Ken Getz and Jeffrey McManus.

UK community speakers:
András Belokosztolszki, Santosh Benjamin, Harry Brignul, Barry Dorrans, Richard Fennell, Sebastien Lambla, Ben Lamb, Mike Ormond, David Ringsell, Gary Short, Oliver Sturm, Dave Sussman, Mike Taulty, Tony Whitter and Phil Winstanley.

£299 Members / £399 Non Member (ex VAT)

Microsoft Reading, Microsoft Campus – Building 3, Thames Valley Park, Reading, RG6 1WG, GB

What to expect:
Roy Osherove – Tips and Tricks for Successful Software Teams, Unit Testing Best Practices

Ken Getz -Investigating LINQ to XML, Create Managed Code for Office 2007 in Visual Studio 2008, Create Custom Workflow Activities

Jeffrey McManus – Data-Driven ASP.Net AJAX, Distributed Caching for ASP.Net Applications

Tony Whitter – Silverlight for Mobile

Oliver Sturm – Functional Programming in C# (devExpress blog and here too)

Mike Ormond – Overview of Silverlight 2

Gary Short – Red, Green, then what? (devExpress blog)

Ben Lamb – Go With the Flow – an Introduction to Windows Workflow

David Ringsell – Improve Your Own Learning

Mike Taulty – Beyond Silverlight with Windows Presentation Foundation

Barry Dorrans – WCF 101

Seb Lambla – ASP.Net MVC

Santosh Benjamin – The Integration Landscape: Biztalk Server, WF and WCF

Andras Belokosztolszki – Advanced T-SQL 2005/2008

Phil Winstanley & Dave Sussman – ASP.Net 4.0

Richard Fennell – Team Foundation Server – The Answer to All Project Management Problems?

Harry Brignull – Making the User Experience Shift in a .NET Development House

More information can be found here: http://url.ie/svg

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