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059 – Claudio Perrone (@agilesensei) on presentations using storytelling

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In this show, where no beer had been consumed (a-may-zing), I’ve taken Claudio Perrone aside and forced him to give me a one-2-one presentation! Claudio delivered an awesome lunchtime session at the Irish Software Show: Crafting Outstanding Presentations – Storytelling Techniques. I really wished that I had taken my camcorder to record it, it was amazing. However, fear not, Claudio was kind enough to share his skills in this audio recording!

This podcast: http://www.craigmurphy.com/podcasts/059-ISS2010-Claudio-Perrone.mp3



epicenter Open XML Slides and C# Code #ISS2010

On Tuesday 8th June 2010 I ran my Introduction to Open XML session at the Irish Software Show in Dublin.

My Slides and C# demo code are available for download!

I have updated the demos to use the Open XML SDK 2 RTM and have provided a more advanced example of the Content Controls demo. Remember, you can view the original Content Control demo here.

Photos from the event (day 1) can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/craigmurphy/sets/72157624106633205/

Attend the Irish Software Show 8-11 June for 50 Euros per day!

The Irish Software Show http://epicenter.ie begins next week in Trinity College Dublin. It’s a four day event with around 80 tutorials given by over 50 international speakers.

There’s some great Microsoft development sessions throughout the event, and particularly on Wednesday. I’ll be there on Tuesday talking about Word & Excel 2007 / 2010. I’ll be explaining how the Open XML SDK helps us write C# code to create and work with .docx and .xlsx files. I’ll also be showing off “Content Controls” which are an awesome feature that often goes overlooked!

I have been given 10 tickets allowing you to book for just €50 per day – 1, 2, 3 and 4 day options are available. There’s more information here: http://epicenter.ie/2010_Craig_Murphy_Page

To book, simply email epicenter@irishdev.com or call 01 443 4131 (In Ireland!) and the organisers will give you further instructions.

If you are unable to make the show but have a spare hour first thing on Tuesday, you are also invited to go along to Dr Chris Horn’s keynote presentation which starts at 9am. Chris is the co-founder of IONA Technologies and now sits on the Government’s Innovation Taskforce. In his keynote, he will be explaining the rationale behind their strategy, which should give clues to CEO’s on how to position their businesses to take advantage. See http://short.ie/chrisjhorn for more information. To reserve a seat, email epicenter@IrishDev.com with Chris Horn in the subject line.

Free-to-attend sessions at the Irish Software Show 8-11 June #ISS2010

The 4-day Irish Software Show, epicenter.ie, kicks off in Trinity this Tuesday (8th June) and
there are a number of free-to-attend sessions open to the general public.

They are:

Tuesday 09:15 (arrive for 8.30)
Chris Horn – Keynote, the Government’s Innovation Taskforce Strategy

Wednesday 12:45 (arrive for 12:30)
Claudio Perrone – Crafting Outstanding Presentations – Storytelling Techniques

Friday 09:15 (arrive for 8.30)
Fergal O’Connor – Global Cloud Survey Results Revealed

Friday 12:45 (arrive for 12:30)
Aidan Finn – C Infinity Cloud Infrastructure Vendor Session
David Quirke – Sybase Afaria, a Mobile Solution

To register, please send an email (with the name of the speakers in the subject line) to events@IrishDev.com

Feel free to share these sessions with your colleagues.

Hope to meet you at epicenter!

epicenter 2010 : 8-11 June 2010, Dublin

2010 heralds the second Irish Software Show #ISS2010 also known as epicenter!

What: epicenter 2010: http://epicenter.ie
epicenter is designed to be both an educational and a meeting hub for the Irish software community; a place where technologists can hear experts, see the latest and greatest products in the market, connect with fellow industrialists or meet new business connections.

When: Tuesday 8th through to Friday 11th June 2010

Where: Trinity College, Dublin

Cost: One day €129.00. Two Days €189.00. Three Days €229.00. Four Days €239.00 – discounts are available!

Keep up to date:
Follow epicenter2010 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/epicenterIE or on Facebook: http://facebook.com/irishdev

epicenter 2010 is kindly sponsored by…

Epic @epicenter2009 offer! Buy one day, get two days free!

I’ve beaten the epicenter 2009 organisers up a bit and now have a special offer for five lucky people!

“Buy one day at €99 and get the other two days free”

To take advantage of this offer, buy one day via http://epicenter.ie/tickets.html then do one of the following, in order of preference:

  • Using Twitter, tweet “@epicenter2009 #1558 two-days free please!”
  • Send me an e-mail to the address on the right hand side of this page

Huge thanks to the epicenter 2009 organisers for this offer!