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[Event] AgileMalta – 5th December 2008

I’m pleased to see AgileMalta running its second conference. I have a soft spot for Malta having essentially lived there on and off for many years. It has probably changed a lot, but I still like to think I know Malta and Gozo almost as well as I know the back of my hand. I can’t think of a better mix, the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino, their people and an agile development conference…

What: Talks given by people who have had a hands-on experience with Agile with international clients. The Key Note speaker is Joakim Ohlrogge. Local speakers are two local persons who actively participate in Agile projects, Aldo Cauchi Savona and Dave Sammut.
Date: Friday, December 5th 2008
Location: Hilton Hotel, St. Julians
Duration: Half-day conference
Price: T.B.A.

Further details can be found here:

Success in today’s software industry requires a process, an environment and people that are able to achieve business goals within tighter deadlines, without compromising quality or reducing employee moral. Your process needs to be able to be attractive to foreign investment, your employees need the skills to deliver and sustain the process.

Whether you are interested in Agile or seeing how you can improve your own development process, the AgileMalta Conference is a great opportunity for people at all levels to gather together to learn about and share experiences on Agile software development process.

In our first conference we provided talks and discussion sessions for people at all levels to come into contact and learn about Agile. In the upcoming conference we will build upon feedback from the 1st conference and from our website. We decided to provide you with talks on implementing Agile and dealing with common issues when using such a process.

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