[geek thing] It’s a long way to Aberdeen from Dunfermline…longer now

Yes, I realise that what I am about to write here is perhaps taking my status as a geek too far….

Within the last 10-12 months, I noticed a handful of road engineers physically removing a motorway distance to destination sign. It was on the northbound M90 just after the Admiralty “Sky TV” junction. At that time, Aberdeen was 112 miles away.

I was a little surprised to see the replacement sign being installed about 5 feet in front of the existing 112 miles sign. I was surprised for two reasons. Firstly, there was nothing wrong with the existing sign – it was in perfect condition as far as I could tell. Secondly, the replacement sign had Aberdeen marked as being 115 miles away. I can’t imagine that Aberdeen (or Fife for that matter) had moved 3 miles further apart.

However, after the works had been completed I noticed that the sign didn’t read Aberdeen 115 as I expected it to – it read Aberdeen 117. So Aberdeen and Dunfermline were now magically 5 miles further apart. I’m sure this fact pleases some people, however I was more intrigued at how such a mistake can be made…either the original 112 was incorrect or the new 117 is…or both as the image below might confirm.

In reality, the Aberdeen 115 sign was located less than a half mile further south (back “down” towards Admiralty). Thus the first sign we see is Aberdeen 115, then a few seconds later, we see Aberdeen 117…even though we have driven “up” the motorway in a northerly direction.

Who does one report such “issues” to? I’m going to contact Transport Scotland to find out!

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