[Event] Agile Malta – 19th February 2008

1st International Conference on
Agile Development Malta 2008
The 2008 Agile Gathering is the 1st International Conference on Agile Development, to be held on February 19th, is the first event to be held in Malta section that focuses specifically on the topics of agility within the software development process. The event brings together leading industrial practitioners and users of agile within the fields of information systems and software engineering and targets the practical applications and implications of agile methods.

The conference aims to put people in touch with other agile practitioners on the Maltese islands, and give attendees an overview of practical experiences gained by companies and individuals currently practicing Scrum and other agile methods. The conference is targeted at executives, managers, software development practitioners and software engineering students.

The conference is not intended to be a place for instruction but rather an occasion for the exchange of information on agile software development in general.

Event web-site: http://www.agilemalta.com

The agenda can be found here: http://www.agilemalta.com/2008programme.php

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