Reminder: Free Edinburgh Event 3rd October – Astoria and XBAPS

Further information can be found over at Scottish Developers

Microsoft Codename “Astoria”
The emergence of Web 2.0 technologies has brought new opportunities and caused us to solve old problems in new ways. AJAX and Silverlight applications need read/write access to data and business objects without performing full page refreshes and without dumbing down the data so much we are just left with primitives. Microsoft’s answer to this problem is Microsoft Codename “Astoria”. In short “Astoria” is a data access layer for client-size technologies such as AJAX and Silverlight. This session shows how it works, how you can write “Astoria” data servers and how you can customize “Astoria” to your applications requirements.

Using ClickOnce and XBAPs To Deploy Windows Forms and WPF Applications
ClickOnce provides the ease of web form deployment for Windows Forms applications. The same technology is used in XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs) which are Windows Presentation Foundation applications that are hosted in a browser. This session introduces the ClickOnce technology and demonstrates its use in many scenarios including: zero touch deployment, one touch deployment, reversion to previous versions, uninstallation. We also cover deploying WPF applications through the browser (known as XBAPs) and illustrate the similarities and differences between XBAPs, MSI-deployed WPF applications and Windows Forms applications deployed using ClickOnce. This session represents an opportunity to understand how to get the ease of web deployment together with richness of Windows Forms or WPF.

When and Where?
We’ll be meeting at the SKM offices in the 160 Dundee Street building, Edinburgh, EH11 1DQ at 19:00 on Wednesday 3rd October. The offices are between Fountainbridge Leisure complex and the Victor Paris Bathroom Shop.

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