016 – NRW07 – Daniel Fisher on Community In Germany

Craig interviews Daniel for this podcast [Photo courtesy of Thomas Freudenberg]

In this show, I talk with Daniel Fisher, one of Germany’s key community people. Daniel was a key organiser of the NRW06 and NRW07 conferences. This podcast was recorded at a speaker dinner held the night before the event, a few beers had been consumed. Daniel and I talk about the NRW07 event itself, the sessions, the IT Pro and Developer mix, the mix of .NET and the non-.NET sessions including Ruby and Mono.

We wrapped this podcast up a little bit sharp as the main course arrived! Please bear in mind that Daniel has done us the courtesy of speaking English for this podcast, I know I am very grateful that he did this for us.

Download the podcast here.

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This podcast:

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016 – NRW07 – Daniel Fisher on Community In Germany
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