008 – Community Podcast – Post-GeekDinner – Ben Hall – Chris Gaskell

In this, the eighth Community podcast, I’m chatting to Ben Hall and Chris Gaskell. This podcast was recorded after the DDD5 GeekDinner…it was rather late, many beers had been consumed (but not by me, I might add!) Huge apologies to Ben – a combination of over-zealousness, a wet floor, no grip whatsoever from my shoes, bar stools and me ending up flat on my back…and I took Ben out too, he ended up on the floor! Amazingly, I was sober, having had a mere two pints over many hours. Anyway, in this show, Chris and Ben get vocal about the benefits of attending a developer event like DDD5 and they promote their respective local user groups, NxtGenUG and VBUG.

Download the podcast here. Transcript to follow.

I have a new podcast feed available too, you can subscribe to it here – and it works with Apple’s iTunes!

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