Book – Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista

Spotted in the MSDN Flash of 11 July 2007…it’s amazing how easy it is to miss key releases like the one below.

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Get the definitive guide to writing secure code and developing more-secure applications for Windows Vista – straight from the experts. Security is one of the greatest enhancements in Windows Vista, and developers will be urged to write more secure code on the platform to support a growing customer base. This reference delivers the straight scoop from the authors who wrote the immensely popular, award-winning book Writing Secure Code. Developers get first-hand insights into design decisions and practical advice for solving real-world security issues. The book covers new features, including ACLs and BitLocker, as well as enhancements to familiar concepts, such as firewalls and authentication. In addition, there are plenty of code samples in C# on the Web. Designed to complement and extend Writing Secure Code, this book is essential for developers of Windows Vista.

Chapter 1: Code Quality
Chapter 2: User Account Control, Tokens, And Integrity Levels
Chapter 3: Buffer Overrun Defenses
Chapter 4: Networking Defenses
Chapter 5: Creating Secure And Resilient Services
Chapter 6: Internet Explorer 7 Defenses
Chapter 7: Cryptographic Enhancements
Chapter 8: Authentication And Authorization
Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Defenses And Security-Related Technologies

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