Windows Live Safety Center

With more and more users relying on their PCs for day-to-day activities, what happens when things start to go wrong? Finding reliable experts can be a tricky and expensive process. Luckily, there is some help at hand in the form of the Windows Live Safety Center.

The [Microsoft] Windows Live Safety Center promises to:

  • Check for and remove viruses
  • Learn about threats
  • Improve your PC’s performance
  • Get rid of junk on your hard disk

You’ll need to “allow pop-ups” for this tool to work.

There’s an excellent Community section, where you can expect to find answers to such questions as:

  1. My PC is slow
  2. I’ve lost an important file. How can I find it?
  3. My PC crashes a lot
  4. I need to get rid of a virus
  5. I’m having problems installing or using hardware
  6. My PC takes a long time to start up or reboot
  7. I’m having problems installing or using software
  8. I’m having problems with Microsoft Update
  9. I need to be an Administrator to install or use a program

The site itself looks to be taking the form of a portal, offering the collation of a number of other services including Windows AntiSpyware (beta).