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Glasgow 26th September 2006 – TDD slide deck and code

Today saw me run my Test-Driven Development and Code Coverage session for the third time in as many months. Whilst the audience was fewer in number than usual, the interactivity made it a good session for me (and for the attendees from what I can gather). One thing that came out of this delivery was the need to examine user interface testing in more detail – something for 2007 I think.

The source code, crib notes and slide deck are available here.

Developer.* interview – now available

My interview for developer.*‘s Global Development Interview Series has now been published.

Donna Davis was the interviewer.

Dan Read (more about Dan here) has a great blog posting about the new things happening at developer.* – read it over here.

I’m excited to see that Dan’s launching developer.* books – the first book will be Software Conflict 2.0
The Art and Science of Software Engineering by Robert L. Glass (Foreword By Andrew Hunt, Pragmatic Programmers LLC) – more about this can be found here. I’d be pleased to read’n’review it Dan!

Anyway, read the full interview here.

Managing Iterative Development Using Scrum

I delivered this session at the UK’s first DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper day on 14th May 2005. My slide deck and elementary backlog spreadsheet are available here.

I’ve recorded a blogcast (my first) that demonstrates how the product backlog spreadsheet works. I had a cold whilst recording this, hence the occasional cough’n’splutter! I’m hosting the blogcast myself for now, just until I see what happens to the bandwidth (if it moves, I’ll update this posting). Product Backlog Spreadsheet – the blogcast!

Also available over at here: