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I give presentations to Scottish Developers.  From time to time I need to make source code or PowerPoint slides available - this is where to find them. There is an RSS feed available: each time I add new content, the RSS feed is updated. If you have an RSS aggregator, such as RSSReader, you can subscribe to this content.  

The contents of the files listed here are freely reproducible and can be modified for any purpose subject to the original author's name being credited. Feel free to contact the author should you require a customised version.

Writing Technical Articles: Hint'n'Tips
Reading 7-Apr-2005 Download the PowerPoint slides (426K).   
Why Scrum Works
Edinburgh 25-Sep-2004 Download the PowerPoint slides (432K).   
FxCop : Microsoft's .NET Code Policing Tool
Edinburgh 25-Feb-2004 Download the PowerPoint slides (492K).   
Download the source code (26K). 
XML & Web Services in 60 minutes
Dundee 9-Oct-2003
Glasgow 1-Apr-2004
Download the PowerPoint slides and the source code (323K).   
ASP.NET vs IntraWeb
Edinburgh 12-Jun-2003 Download the PowerPoint slides
Download the source code: (39K) , (11K) , (309K)
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