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Audi A4 – Replacing the hazard / indicator relay

Whilst driving my 2001 Audi A4 (rhd) last week I was sure that I had engaged my indicator (turn signal), I heard the trusty clicking sound as it started. After a few seconds however, there was silence, just as I was mid-manoeuvre. I tried signalling again, a few clicks then silence again. Over the next few drives I monitored the situation, it seemed to be a little random or intermittent. Not wanting to have to revert to hand signals, I decided a fix was in order. Electrical problems can be notorious to track down and fix, costs can be excessive in relation to the cost of the parts. So I decided to hunt for a solution on the Internet – after all, I can’t be the only person to have endured this problem!

I quickly discovered lots of other people had the same problem and that it wasn’t just limited to the Audi A4 but encompassed the whole Audi and VW family of cars. I was pleased to discover this post over at Audi Forums – it seemed to detail everything that was required. Huge thanks to Dudley Doright (login required, sorry!) for providing this post, it was a great help.

Of course, buying a replacement relay via a main dealer was likely to be expensive too. Fear not, the Internet provided many recommendations for VAG Parts Ltd (sadly this firm is no longer trading). They had the part required for my vehicle (search for A4 RELAY), it cost about £27 with VAT and delivery included. Delivery was swift, within a couple of days of ordering.

UPDATE 22.05.2012: The relay can be purchased through German Auto Spares (http://www.germanautopartsdirect.co.uk)

I would like to add just a little bit Dudley’s post. The relay itself has two securing legs, one down each side. These legs are designed to keep the relay in place. Removing the faulty relay, especially with my cup-holder and fog light controls still in place was a bit of an effort. Using the 90-degree pulling tool helped a lot, but it was an exercise massaging the tool into the position such that it can dislodge the legs and aid removal of the relay. Of course, your mileage may vary. The legs are noted by the two blue circles in the picture below:

BBC Radio 1, in case you were wondering.

I managed to source Dudley’s recommended tools from Maplin – as set of 8 tools for £2.97! Here are the two that I used, along with the faulty relay:

And for your reference, here’s the part number itself:

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