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060 – Rachel Hawley and Paul Stack on #GiveCampUK

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Welcome to show number 60, a bit of a milestone, but there’s no celebration!

In this show I’m talking with Rachel Hawley and Paul Stack. Rach and Paul talk about the first UK outing of the GiveCamp concept. Perhaps not the first UK developer charity event, but certainly the first outing for the GiveCamp concept in the UK. Over the course of 20 minutes, Rach and Paul explain what GiveCampUK is all about, what’s involved, who is involved and what to expect on the weekend it takes place!

The show was recorded at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, just after the hugely successful DDD North! There is a little bit of background noise from time to time, 150 developers were enjoying a post-DDD dinner graciously sponsored by Developer Express!

Please do visit the GiveCampUK sponsors page – it wouldn’t be possible without their support!

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Charity collections at supermarket checkouts…is my idea really so hard to understand?

Here in the UK, charity collections at supermarket checkouts have become popular.

The idea is simple: one or two volunteers, usually youngsters, stand at the checkout where the bag dispenser is located. Of course, all this does is ensure that the said supermarket’s attempts to reduce our reliance on plastic bags is wasted effort, but that’s another debate to be had elsewhere.

The volunteers ask if you would like a hand packing your shopping into either store-provided bags or your own bags if you remember to take them into the store with you. You then stand around looking like a lemon whilst children pack your bag on your behalf. The theory, and you are under no obligation I guess, is that you will then throw some cash into their collection bucket which is conveniently located at the till.

For those customer who pay by cash, this is probably an easy thing as they’re likely to have been given some change once the shopping has been paid for.

However, for those of us in the cashless society, I rarely have any change on my person. Indeed, I may well be a Scotsman, however that doesn’t make me mean and tight-fisted as my Countryman’s stereotype portrays. No sir, I like to chip in to the odd charity donation…

So my solution to this problem is simple. Most stores have a crib card for items that do not scan very well. This crib card contains bar codes for the problem products. I have suggested on more than one occasion, to both the stores and the leaders of the charity volunteers that there is a mechanism put in place for “scanning an extra £1” via a bar code. The extra £1 is added to the shopping bill. At the end of the day/week/whatever, the store issues the charity with the funds collected using the said bar code.

It’s win-win, the charity capture the cashless society, the supermarket are seen to be helping the charity.

Surely it’s simple? Why then, do I get a glazed look when I explain it to people?

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045 – Caroline Bucklow from IT4Communities: charitable software development

Third the in the Twelve Podcasts of Christmas 2008!

As part of the London .NET User Group, as the pre-cursor to the main event (Sebastian Lambla’s Put your web-forms to REST – how to build rest-y architectures with .net), Caroline spoke about IT4Communities – an initiative that helps marry up charities in need of development work with willing developers.

Over the course of 15 minutes Caroline passes on a lot of good information, it’s well worth investing the time to hear what Caroline has to say!

This user group meeting was held at the offices of MRM Worldwide, they had a most impressive spread of beer, wine and food:

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