DDD6 – there’s still time to submit a session!

If want to speak at the UK’s premier developer community conference, there’s still time for you to submit your masterpiece!

We’re looking for four types of submission:

Micro-Presentation (6 mins)Micro-presentations are inspired by the runaway success of Pecha Kucha – the “20 slides/20 seconds each” presentation format created in Japan a few years ago. It’s an incredibly exhilarating, creative experience for both presenters and the audience. Presentations are auto-timed; presenters are up against their own wits and skill to talk for 20 seconds before before their slide automatically moves to displaying the next!

Grok Talk (10 mins)
Grok talks are basically a short presentation on anything you like! Be it a new feature you have found in whatever IDE you use or a new website that has changed your life or a new design technique that you think the world should use.

Presentation (60 mins)
Presentations are the normal style of presentation, with the speaker talking on a topic, generally with slides / demos.

Double Presentation (120 mins)
Same as presentation but double-length, giving the speaker the chance to deep-dive on a topic or technology.

Visit developerday.co.uk and submit your session!

In fact, here’s the schedule:

  • Sunday 7th October 2007: Call For Speakers Closes
  • Monday 8th October 2007: Session Voting Opens
  • Friday 19th October 2007: Session Voting Closes
  • Friday 19th to Sunday 21st October 2007: Speakers Notified Of Results (we’ll be very busy lining up the agenda!)
  • Tuesday 23rd October 2007: Schedule Published
  • Wednesday 24th October 2007: Registration Opens
  • Saturday 24th November 2007: DDD6 – Event Day!

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OS/2 – who said this?

Clearing out the loft, I found an old book from 1988. History is amazing, I found this page to be a very interesting read; it’s astonishing how things have panned out since then.

Can you identify the author? Leave a comment. What are you thinking?

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