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[UK, London] The Developers Group meeting 21/01/2009

The Developers Group Meeting

Microsoft, Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL
click here for map and directions

Wednesday January 21st 11.30 – 6.30
with leader Jason Chapman

11:30 Registration (with tea, coffee and bacon or egg rolls, if you’re early enough).

12:00 Welcome, News and Interactive Discussion – Let’s talk about:
• The latest in Delphi & .NET – problems, questions, solutions; your latest technical discoveries.
• Your programming problems; what progress you’re making with Vista.
• Your favourite – and most hated – tools; the things you want to know more about.
• Your questions/solutions on what hardware/software to choose.
• and anything else that’s relevant to the group.

1:00 Really Getting Started with ECO – Scott Price
BOLD was Delphi’s native Object Persistence Framework and much more. When CodeGear ventured
into Delphi.NET, BOLD evolved into its current form called Enterprise Core Objects which is a much
more advanced product these days, including built-in state machine support, temporal object support
and many more services now available utilizing the .NET Framework and Visual Studio/RAD Studio.
ECO can help substantially reduce your development effort or time when creating new database
systems, sometimes as much as 50-70% in my experience with the data access layers I’ve used in the
past. Being model based you draw your domain objects in standard UML, and the tools produce the
associated classes for you to use in your application. ECO then looks after all of the persistence for
you, the evolution of the database structure as your model changes over time, and many more things.
However, getting started when you are used to doing everything in SQL was quite a steep learning
curve at first, and perhaps I have some helpful pointers of how to get you up and running correctly at
fast, so you can start to see the most out of using it swiftly from the start.

2:15 Encryption and Compression – Cristian Nicola
The session focuses on encryption and compression as general techniques in the context of:
communication over networks, file storage, memory encryption and database field encryption. We
also then have a look at some of the general security issues and finally evaluate some of the most
standard hacker tools.

3:30 Tea/coffee and cake

4:00 Intensive Windows Workflow Foundation – Corrado Iorizzo
The pillars of .Net 3.0 are WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), WPF (Windows Presentation
Foundation) and WF (Workflow Foundation). Today we learn how to leverage WF to build your
workflow applications and how to apply a new programming model based on a declarative approach.
WF manages the execution of small units of work named activities: see how to compose those basic
activities into higher level units using rules, flowchart, and state machine control flow styles.

5:15 Find Your Way to the Pub by Silverlight – Pete Sykes
Pete walks through the development of his nascent “Pub Map” Silverlight application which he
developed as a test bed and training exercise for trying out some of the techniques needed in a “real
world” Silverlight application. He strenuously denies that he spends so much time in the pubs of
Brighton that he actually needs the application himself. The demonstration includes all sorts of good
stuff such as data binding, using the HTML bridge to talk to and from the host web page, when to use
Expression Blend (look and feel) and when to use Visual Studio (logic).
6:30 End (and supper at a local restaurant, if you wish)

Please book your place as soon as possible by contacting us at bug AT richplum DOT co DOTuk, and no later than Wednesday January 14th. Attendance is free to members of the DG and other participating user groups, £25 + VAT to guests.

We regret that meeting venues cannot accept phone messages on our behalf, and that mobile phones,
pagers, etc, must be turned off during all DG events.

Our Moth 2009 Community Calendar – the secret project

I am pleased to announce that my secret project is now complete!

2009 is just next month, so I thought I would create a special calendar! Here in the UK, probably over in Greece and now over in Seattle, The Moth delights audiences with his technical know-how and witty commentary.

In the UK we do miss Daniel. So, in order to keep Daniel in our thoughts for a bit longer, I give you Our Moth 2009, a Community Calendar!

If you’re a UK MVP you may recall that the lovely Vicki sent out an MVP calendar for 2008. You should find this calendar prints to the correct size to fit the MVP calendar holder. You’ll have to do a little printing and cutting yourself, sorry…I can’t do everything for you!!

Any mistakes are my own, but I can’t be held responsible for them! But do tell me if you discover a mistake: via comments here, e-mail or Twitter, so I can fix them!

If you download the calendar and like it, show your appreciation to Daniel by leaving a comment here!

Enjoy and please do share amongst your communities!

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Tim Anderson’s Top Ten Developer Haunts…

Well-known writer and blogger Tim Anderson has produced a list of ten sites that he rates as developer haunts or “hang outs”. It’s not just a list of sites, but a short description explaining why Tim things that they are worthy of his top ten.

Here’s the list:

I have to admit, it’s a very good representation of my “daily” RSS feed group.

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The importance of calling .Close()

Courtesy of Andrew Westgarth, via IM, I found myself look at Visual Basic code last week. Andrew’s “designer” was having problems editing some files that made up an application that Andrew was developing…seemed that something was keeping a lock on the files such that they couldn’t be edited. I suggested a couple of things, including hard-coding the filename (avoiding use of Server.MapPath) just to see what happened.

However, after a little experimentation, it turns out that the XmlReader instance wasn’t being closed and as such was keeping a lock on the XSL/T file in question. The solution was to call the .Close() method. It’s obvious now, however sometimes whilst in thick of it, it’s very easy forget to call such methods, nobody’s perfect.

Andrew provides a full write-up over here:

***warning contains VisualBasic code***
Can’t Save your XSL/T File? Have You Closed Your XMLReader?/a>

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DDD7 – Voting Open

I am pleased to announce that voting for DDD7 is now open!

We had an exceptional response to the call for speakers, resulting in 96 submissions – thanks very much to all those who contributed!

Now it’s up to the voting public, the community, the attendees, etc. to vote for 15 sessions that they would like to see on the agenda. We’ve increased the number of votes from 10 to 15 because of the large number of submissions!

Vote here:

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[UK – 30/06/2008 at 1800] Event – SQL Server User Group – Michael Rys on XML and Pizza

Michael Rys on XML and all things non-relational

Monday 30th June, 6-9pm

Conchango Offices
36 Southwark Bridge Road


Michael Rys on XML and all things non-relational

We are very fortunate that Michael Rys has decided to come and speak at a UG event whilst he is in the UK for a W3C working group.

If you use XML in SQL Server then this is the one User group meeting you have to come to.

Michael is Program Manager in the SQL Server Engine Team at Microsoft and is responsible for the XML features in SQL Server.

He is the man that knows XML and XQuery inside and out. On the few occasions I’ve met him I’ve always felt humbled by the intellect of this man.

You can find his blog here and his old CV can be found here (nice picture)

Registration is at 6.00, evening will commence at 6:30pm and finish 9pm.

6:30pm – 6.45pm – Introduction, news and gossip.
Whats going on in the world,

6:45 – 9pm Michael Rys on non-relational data in SQL Server
I’m sure Michael has some great demos on non relational features and will answer any questions you have around XML, filestream, Full Text etc.

Pizza will be served at some point in the evening

How to get there
Nearest tubes are, Mansion House, London Bridge, Southwark and Borough
Nearest stations are Blackfriars, London Bridge and Waterloo

DDD7 – 22nd November – Call For Speakers

After a short but rather deliberate break, DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper returns to Reading on the 22nd of November 2008.

Regular attendees, speakers and voters will notice that this call for speakers is taking place somewhat earlier than usual. We’re keeping the call for speakers open for a longer period of time for a few reasons:

  • to give potential speakers time to prepare their sessions prior to submission
  • to give potential speakers time to prepare video teasers of their sessions (here’s one I did earlier)
  • to allow potentials speakers time to dry run their sessions at user group meetings

Expect registration for the event to open “as usual”, in this case during the latter half of October, or thereabouts.

In the meantime, feel free to blog about this call for speakers, tweet about it, hey, you could even submit a session!

DDD7 – November 22nd – Call For Speakers:

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042 – Ian “Sometimes brutal, always honest” Smith – Daily Dot Net Show – we discuss Blu-ray, HD-DVD, LCD, Plasma, Community, etc.

Welcome to podcast#42. In this, what should really be a homage to Douglas Adams, Ian Smith and I sit down in a rather expensive London hotel and chat about all things in the media space. We chat about HD-DVD, Blu-ray, DDD, WebDD, NxtGenUG, London .net User Group, VBUG, Mix08, community events and much more. It’s my longest podcast so far – Barry Dorran’s held the record until now. Given that I’ll be catching up with Barry at IMTC 2008 and DDD Ireland, it’s likely we’ll see him want to beat that record!

This is a great podcast, well worth listening to – Ian has some great advice to give. Check out the “alpha” version of the dailydotnetshow below – amazing sound quality, some great “media driven test-driven development” – Ian realises that the alpha’s not perfect and know what to do in order to make the show that one bit better when it goes live!

Given the extreme cost of this podcast, please do consider the PayPal link on the right hand side of this blog!

Podcast feed – subscribe here!

This podcast:

Daily Dot Net Show
Ian on Twitter
Ian on Flickr
The demise of HD-DVD
Movies on a flash card

22 February
Spencer Kelly finds out why Blu-ray won the high definition war and Kate Ledger explores the rapidly expanding virtual worlds which are gaining popularity as people search for the perfect alternate existence.

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