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epicenter 2010 : 8-11 June 2010, Dublin

2010 heralds the second Irish Software Show #ISS2010 also known as epicenter!

What: epicenter 2010:
epicenter is designed to be both an educational and a meeting hub for the Irish software community; a place where technologists can hear experts, see the latest and greatest products in the market, connect with fellow industrialists or meet new business connections.

When: Tuesday 8th through to Friday 11th June 2010

Where: Trinity College, Dublin

Cost: One day €129.00. Two Days €189.00. Three Days €229.00. Four Days €239.00 – discounts are available!

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Ann: DDD Melbourne – 15/05/2010 – CALL FOR SPEAKERS

It was one thing to see the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper branding go regional within the UK and Ireland, now it has gone international!

May 15th 2010 sees the first international DDD in Melbourne, Australia.

For those who don’t know, DDD events are free, held on a Saturday. Content is typically Microsoft .net related, however there is opportunity of non-Microsoft content to be included. Typically, it’s a multi-track event, with 15+ sessions throughout the day. Community is the key driver behind the event: you will get the chance to mingle with your peers and chat with the speakers and organisers throughout the day. You might win some swag and you might get a free lunch! But you will leave the event more informed.

Microsoft MVP, Alex Mackey, author of Introducing .NET 4, has taken the format Down Under!

If you are interested in speaking at this event, please drop Alex and his small team an e-mail: Session submissions will be via the official event web-site, but there’s no harm letting the chaps know that you’re interested!

And if you’re interested in attending the event, drop the chaps an e-mail too!

Further details will be made available via

Visual Studio 2010 Launch – Edinburgh, 16th April

Via Mike Taulty:

If you’re up in Edinburgh then you’re lucky as it’s a great city and it also has the nicest Microsoft office I’ve seen in the UK ( rooftop gardens 🙂 ).

You’re also lucky in that on the 16th April there’s a Visual Studio 2010 launch event happening in our Edinburgh Office and Jason Zander, the General Manager for Visual Studio, will be there.

I imagine, given the size of the office, that this will give you very good access to chat to Jason about whatever you like in Visual Studio.

So…if you’re up in that part of the country then why not drop in? Here’s the blurb for the event:

9.30am – 10.00am Arrival
10.00am – 11.30am Keynote & Q&A – Jason Zander, Global GM for Visual Studio @jlzander
11.30am – 12.00pm
12.00pm – 1.00pm Developer & Tester Collaboration with Visual Studio 2010 – Giles Davies, Technical Specialist
1.00pm – 1.30pm Lunch

Friday, 16th April 2010

Microsoft Edinburgh, Waverley Gate, 2-4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG

If you would like to attend, please email Nathan Davies on with your name, company and email address – demand for this event will be high, so please register asap.

Mail Nathan to grab a seat and meet up with other Scottish developers interested in Visual Studio.

Event – London – 15/04/2010 – Best of Breed Client Applications on Windows 7

Tech Days: A week of free technology events for developers, IT professionals and IT managers. Register here.

Thursday 15th April 2010

Windows 7 adoption is happening at a startling pace. Commodity hardware has unique capabilities in terms of graphics, audio, touch, sensors and multi-core processing power. Windows 7 ships with .NET Framework V3.5 Service Pack 1 to make it the most developer friendly operating system in Microsoft’s history.

In this demo-driven day, we’ll look at the developer landscape around Windows 7 to get you up to speed on the operating system that your applications will run on through the new decade.

Screen 6
Vue Cinema Fulham Broadway
Fulham Broadway Retail Centre,
Fulham Road,

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Register here!

Free Event: Scott Guthrie – Glasgow – 25/03/2010 – Silverlight 4, VS2010, ASP.NET 4

Scott is Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, .NET Developer Platform and super star coder.

On the 25th March 2010 in Glasgow, Scott is going to perform a marathon of presentation running through Silverlight 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET 4.0.

What will you get at Guathon 2010?

  • A preview of technology and functionality which is brand new, maybe even some things which have not been released yet….
  • Time with other web community types – it’s run by the community for the community
  • 5 Hours with the guy who knows everything there is to know about .NET
  • Good content – no fluffiness (or Marketing!)
  • Oh yeah and thanks to Microsoft’s sponsorship the event is TOTALLY free!

This is a hugely popular event! As of 1600 03/03/2010, there were a few places left – please sign up now if you are interested in going. A waitlist system will be in effect very soon.


DDD8 – post-event commentary #DDD8

On the 30th of January 2010, the eighth DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper (DDD8) took place at Microsoft’s Reading Campus.

20 sessions over four session rooms – it’s an event that attracts a lot of attention, both from speakers and attendees.

For example, DDD7 in November 2008 attracted 79 session submissions (100 inc. grok talks) gathered over a period of 3 months. DDD8 attracted 79 session submissions over a period of 3 weeks. For us, this was the quickest DDD that we’ve organised so far!

From an attendee’s perspective, DDD7 saw 350 registrations within 4 hours, after which a waitlist kicks in. DDD8 saw 360 registrations within 15 minutes of the registration page going live. A further 200 waitlisted places were recorded inside the next 15 minutes. Over 100 of the waitlisted places were processed and converted into full registrations – kudos to the attendees for actively managing their registrations. By cancelling your registration, you allowed a waitlisted delegate the chance to become an attendee! Further DDD stats can be found here.

So, we have enough session content for at least three days worth of conference. And we have demand in excess of 700 delegates. It’s a problem we have been aware of since the DDD3 (remember these photos and this blog post?). But it’s a problem we really struggle to solve, partly because to solve the problem would involve a combination of many things. We could change the venue. We could run the event over two or more days. Both of these affect the “make up” of a DDD event, not to mention the financial cost. As organisers, we don’t mind giving our time for free. Many speakers don’t mind giving up their time either – for many speakers, we would like to think that DDD provides a relaxed start to a career on the speaking circuit. We are open to suggestions as to how we can move the event forward – there will be a DDD9 and there will be regional DDDs, please, tell us what we can do to make DDD better for you!

Who said that?
In the week after DDD8, much was written:

@irascian Ian Smith wrote this piece – thanks Ian!

@RTPeat Richard Peat wrote this piece – thanks Richard!

@joblogs83 Johan Gant wrote this piece – thanks Johan!

@nhaslam Nick Haslam wrote this piece – thanks Nick!

@martinpeck Martin Peck wrote this piece – thanks Martin!

@markhneedham Mark Needham (speaker) wrote this piece – thanks Mark! Mark’s slides can be found here and a video of his session here.

@robashton Rob Ashton (speaker) wrote this piece – thanks Rob!

@mikehadlow Mike Hadlow (speaker) wrote this piece – thanks Mike.

Tim Ross wrote this piece – thanks Tim!

@chris_alexander Chris Alexander wrote a couple of pieces, here and here. Oh, wait, there more here! Thanks Chris – you were, ahem, taller in real life than in your Twitter picture!

@guysmithferrier Guy Smith-Ferrier wrote this piece – thanks Guy!

@pcurd Peter Curd wrote this piece – thanks Peter!

@tentonnebaby Oli Francis wrote about it here – thanks Oli!

@danielrmay Daniel May wrote this piece – thanks Daniel!

@cargowire Craig Rowe wrote a piece here – thanks Craig!

@Cranialstrain Ian Battersby wrote this piece – thanks Ian!

@philpursglove Phil Pursglove wrote his piece over here – thanks Phil!

@pkiddie Paul Kiddie wrote this piece over here – thanks Paul!

@hahughson Hamish Hughson wrote this piece – thanks Hamish!

@JohnnoNolan Johnno Nolan wrote this piece – thanks Johnno!

@silverSpoon Andrea Magnorsky wrote this piece – thanks Andrea!

@calcock Chris Alcock wrote a good round-up post for The Morning Brew (if you haven’t subscribed to this, you should! It’s followed by the likes of @shanselman, it’s a must read!)

There’s a little bit of content over at slideshare. And @chrisntr Chris Hardy has added some content here.

Happy Birthday…
Some folks even had a birthday celebration at DDD8, @ben_hall:

And Barry…
But, for one person, this was the end of an era. For eight DDD events in a row Barry Dorrans has made it on to the agenda – and if memory serves me, he has always been very high in the voting. Well, except once, when he had to bung me a grand to nobble the votes, but we don’t talk about that, much. Barry is now in Seattle (we have photographic evidence to prove this) working for Microsoft – working for Microsoft almost excluded him speaking at future DDD events. Although I have hinted that if he makes a celebrity appearance, we might let him in…especially if he brings Scott Guthrie and/or Scott Hanselman with him! Other Microsoft celebrities do exist; I merely used the two Scotts here!

All day, we did nothing to Barry. Even when Barry discovered @plip‘s laptop unlocked and started tweeting from it, we did nothing! I have a spot of video footage of @plip and @blowdart at the point of realisation… We did nothing until the start of his session. Barry thought he was playing a prank on @ben_hall by getting both Chicago 1 and 2 to sing happy birthday, little did he know what we had planned for his session!

Video for the bulk of Barry session can be found here: This video also carries some content from Barry’s appearance on Crystal Maze: “You’re going to need these bellows!”

The interuptions, which Barry kindly documents here are also available:

Phil Pursglove, the man who sourced the Crystal Maze footage of @blowdart, created a Twitter list for DDD8 speakers – good work!

Through the lens
And many folks published their photographs:

Caught on the HDD of a Camcorder
Mixing functional and object oriented approaches to programming in C# – Mark Needham
Barry Dorrans hijacked encryption session at DDD8
Real World MVC – Ian Cooper – Developer Developer Developer 8
Multi-tenant ASP.NET MVC Projects(Or 30 very different customers and a single codebase) – Rob Ashton
Commercial Software Development – Liam Westley
C# on the iPhone with MonoTouch – Chris Hardy

Phil has more video content over at his Vimeo page.

What’s Next?
May 10th 2010 is DDD Scotland. This is the third such event to be held in Glasgow that carries the DDD “brand” into the regions!

June 5th 2010 is DDD South West.

March 27th 2010 is, still TBC, rumoured to be a date worth keeping free. Whatever is happening you should be following @plip on Twitter!
SQL Bits are busy planning “data” versions of DDD – sign up over at to keep up to date with their free events!

Plans are underway for the next DDD event in either Belfast or Dublin – follow @developerday to be kept up to speed about that!

And if you are “down under”, check out DDD Melbourne, organised by DevEvening‘s @alexjmackey – author of Introducing .NET 4.0: With Visual Studio 2010

Who makes DDD possible?
A huge number of people make DDD possible. It would be very difficult to name everybody (although technically, it is possible!), so here’s a high-level overview, in no particular order after the first two:

  1. Attendees. Without attendees, none of this would be worth it. We love seeing rooms packed, like this one for Jon Skeet. It’s great to see 325 folks enjoying themselves whilst getting some technical knowledge too! Thanks are due to all the attendees for making it the event it was and is!
  2. Speakers. These folks rock – without their session submissions, there would be no DDD! Speakers give up their time to prepare and present, we are hugely grateful to them!
  3. Microsoft Events staff. These ladies are the backbone to the whole event!
  4. Microsoft Communities staff. Another critical part of the equation are the folks at Microsoft who say “yes”, you can have the campus on a Saturday. These folks also make sure that the catering requests are made, such that you get fed and watered at the right moments!
  5. Microsoft Campus Security staff. Whilst these chaps might not like you taking photographs of the glass roof in Building 4, they do a great job making sure you and your swag is safe!
  6. Microsoft Catering staff. You like the bacon rolls, yes? You liked the brown bag lunch, yes? All that coffee and biscuits? These backroom folks deserve a massive thank you for their efforts!
  7. And we can’t forget to thank the a/v guys who do a great job making sure all the projectors are working, etc. They also ensure that microphones work in the rooms they are meant to work in, or not if we choose to hijack other rooms for birthday wishes!
  8. Room Monitors. Whilst the role is very informal, having a room monitor is important when the need arises! Thanks to all of you who volunteered!
  9. @zimakki deserves huge thanks for making the Geek Dinner happen, and happen with the elegance that would have impressed The Queen. Every year Zi performs magic making 60 people enjoy Pizza Express! Check out this photo if you don’t believe me! This year, because of the popularity, I believe other dinners were also taking place – there’s something for everybody here at DDD!
  10. Sponsors. DDD doesn’t happen without a huge amount of support from Microsoft – we are naturally indebted to them for their support! However huge thanks are also due to SQL Bits – they sponsored the coaches (which around 35% of you used!) from Reading railway station to TVP and back again. The NxtGenUG chaps threw in 100 chocolate bars – thanks guys – if you’re looking to join a user group, these guys rock! And last, but by no means least, Developer Express provided licenses for their products – huge thanks to @rachelhawley for making this happen!

Most of the folks you saw wearing blue sweatshirt/polos at DDD8 have e-mail aliases at – if you’d like to chat to us (Ian, Phil, Zi, Craig – more to be added), please feel to drop us an e-mail using first-name at! Or catch up with us on Twitter!

If you’d like your DDD8 content included here, please let me know either by e-mail or by leaving a comment+link below!

Code Retreat – Glasgow – 21st November 2009

Code Retreat UK, the first Code Retreat to be held in the UK, is happening in Glasgow, on the 21st November.

A Code Retreat is a full day session where developers work together to hone their craft by working in pairs to solve a problem. The pairs change every 40 minutes so that everyone gets to experience many different perspectives and ideas over the course of the day. We’ll be working in Ruby for this first Code Retreat, but Ruby experience is not required – we can pair Ruby newcomers with more experienced Ruby developers.

The event will be held at Caledonian University, lunch is provided and we’ve booked an evening space in a nearby tavern of hearty repute.

The event is free, but we are strictly limited to twenty places: if you want a place you’ll have to be quick.

You can book tickets here:

DDD7…the videos! #DDD #DDD7

At last year’s DDD7 event, we were lucky enough to have a very professional bunch of guys record the sessions for us.

Finding somewhere to host the videos has been a worry for me / us. Then, the very generous Ben Nunney offered us space and a huge amount of bandwidth, which should solve our problem. The videos are about 300MB each. Huge thanks to Ben for sorting that out for us!

Wire in…go nuts:

A Developers Guide to Network Admin – Part 1_low.wmv
and A Developers Guide to Network Admin – Part 2_low.wmvDave McMahon
ASP.NET 4.0 – TOP SECRET_low.wmvDave Sussman & Phil Winstanley
ASP.NET MVC – Show Me the Code_low.wmvSteven Sanderson
Concurrent Software in .NET_low.wmv – Nick Butler
How to Develop .NET on Linux using Ubuntu Distro_low.wmvToby Henderson
Implementing LINQ to Objects in 60 Minutes_low.wmvJon Skeet
Make the Most of Your Cores – Parallel Extensions for .NET_low.wmv – Ben Lamb
Microsoft Pex – The Future of Unit Testing_low.wmvBen Hall
Oslo, Microsofts Vision for the Future of Modelling_low.wmvRobert Hogg
TDD and Hard-To-Test Code_low.wmvIan Cooper
The Bleeding Edge of Web_low.wmvHelen Emerson
This One Goes Up to 11, or How to Write Scalable ASP.NET_low.wmvPhil Pursglove
Top 10 WCF Tips_low.wmvBarry Dorrans
Trust me, I Know What You Want!_low.wmvBeverley Hatchard
Using an Inversion of Control Container in a Real Word Application_low.wmvMike Hadlow
Virtualisation for Developers – What, Why, Where_low.wmvLiam Westley
Welcome to the CloudChris Hay
WPF Tips ‘n’ Tricks_low.wmv Sebastien Lambla

Video: Lean, Kanban and Theory of Constraints for Managers (@roblally at @epicenter2009)

Last month Rob Lally gave an excellent presentation at epicenter 2009 in Dublin. Rob on Twitter.

We managed to record the session, which includes an excellent practical demonstration that is well worth watching. Rob’s an excellent speaker, he fills 60 minutes with great content and humour.

The application of Lean principles, Kanban and pull-systems theory along with Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints revolutionised the manufacturing world in the second half of the twentieth century. Belatedly, the software world is waking up to the transformative effects these tools can have. There are still no silver bullets in the software world, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve our aim.

Having applied these principles and practices to many real-world, commercially-motivated projects, Rob speaks from the perspective of a practitioner not a theorist.

Although each of the three topics is a whole field of study unto itself, Rob’s goal is to communicate some of the key lessons from each, and have attendees leave with concrete ideas that they can use to improve their organisation.

No M&Ms were hurt in the making of this video, however some were eaten. Of course, if other confectioners wish to offer their “colour-coded” products for future demonstrations, please leave a comment here: but be warned, we will only deal in large quantities 🙂

Rob Lally @ epicenter 2009, Dublin from Craig Murphy on Vimeo.

Epic @epicenter2009 offer! Buy one day, get two days free!

I’ve beaten the epicenter 2009 organisers up a bit and now have a special offer for five lucky people!

“Buy one day at €99 and get the other two days free”

To take advantage of this offer, buy one day via then do one of the following, in order of preference:

  • Using Twitter, tweet “@epicenter2009 #1558 two-days free please!”
  • Send me an e-mail to the address on the right hand side of this page

Huge thanks to the epicenter 2009 organisers for this offer!

epicenter 2009: 26.08 – 28.08: Dublin: Microsoft, Open Source, Web and Java sessions!

What: epicenter 2009:
epicenter is three days of software excellence – it’s a conference, it’s an expo, it’s a place to hang out! It’s for software architects, CTO’s and developers of all knowledge and experience levels.

When: Wednesday 26th through to Friday 28th August 2009

Those of you travelling from the UK, remember the 31st of August is a Bank Holiday: what better than a technical conference followed by a couple of days in Dublin over a long weekend? Ah go on!

Where: Trinity College, Dublin

Cost: €197 for all three days (Special early booking discount ends 6:00pm Friday 21st August. Online prices after this date: 1-Day €124.00 / 2-Day €183 / 3-Day €220.00)

The early bird discount does make it a very reasonably priced three-day event. If you attend for all three days, you can choose a free O’Reilly book!

What to expect:
The event has four streams covering Java, Web, Open Source and Microsoft. Each stream has two tracks (except Open Source): expect to choose from four sessions per track (i.e. eight per stream!)

Wednesday – Jennifer Condon / Enterprise Irelands 4yr strategy for software companies

Thursday – Prof. Barry Smyth / Co-Founder of ChangingWorlds
The Secrets of an Irish Software Entrepreneur

Friday – Colm Mulcahy / Cloud Evangelist, Founder & CEO of Saaspoint
Why Cloud will shape the Irish Software Industry

Marco Amoedo (MVP) / MS Dynamics CRM
Jon Skeet (MVP) / Google UK / C# / Code Contracts & Parallel Extensions
Robert Hogg (MVP) / Black Marble / OSLO / PM War Stories
Barry Carr / Independent / F# – What is Functional Testing?
Barry Dorrans (MVP) / Independent / Securing .NET Apps
Bob Duffy (MVP) / ProData / Microsoft BI / SQL Server Virtualisation
Keith Eccles / Oracle / Oracle & .NET Operability
Richard Fennell (MVP) / Black Marble / ALM with VSTS2008 / Visual Studio & TFS 2010 for the QA/Tester
Niall Flanagan (MVP) / Independent / SQL Server
Aidan Gallagher / Inish Technologies / Software Licensing for .NET Apps
Alex Mackey / Independent / Visual Studio 2010
Craig Murphy (MVP) / Independent / Introducing OpenXML
Phil Bourke (MVP) / Tipperary Institute / A Classic Games Portfolio
Iain Angus / Black Marble / Azure

Open Source
Francesco Cesarini / Erlang Consulting / Erlang
Jan Lehnardt / Independent / Couch DB
John Smedley / Ingres / Ingres CAFE / Ingres within Open Source Community
Helgi Thormar Thorbjoernsson / Websites Releases with PEAR / Migrating databases, just because MySQL sucks
Mel McIntyre / OpenApp / The Health Service Atlas – Python & Zope
Jeff Genender / How to & Being a Good Open Source Committer
Andrea Magnorsky / Monorail MVC

Jeff Genender / Independent / The Rules of SOA
Eugene Ciurana / Independent / Google App Engine – A Java HOWTO
Doug Clarke / Oracle / Developing with JPA and JAXB / JPA 2.0 What’s New
Simon Cook / SUN Microsystems / GlassFish / Java & Java FX
Werner Keil / Independent / STEM (Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler) / JSR-275 Measures and Units
Owen Hughes / Oracle / Oracle Database Evolution
Barry Carr / Independent / Scala – What is Functional Programming
Kevin Noonan / Canibalizing the Google App Engine
Rob Lally / A Scala Web Framework / Intro to Lean, Kanban & Theory of Constraints for Software Managers
Ian Sutton / Visualizing and Measuring Emergent Design
Tim Hodkinson / Liberty IT / Agile Development with Scrum
Anthony Swart / SUN Microsystems / Sun’s Identity Management Products
John Meere / Sun Microsystems / Thin Client Computing Live Demo
Tony Jewtushenko / Product Innovator / Software Globalisation for Java Developers

Marc Grabanski / MGL Consulting / JQuery Fundamentals / JQuery Advanced
Eugene Ciurana / Independent / Mission Critical Enterprise Cloud Applications
Barry Smyth / ChangingWorlds / Web Search 3.0
Paul Lynch / Hosting 365 / Cloud Computing: The Future Hosting ?
Robin Christopherson / AbilityNet / Don’t Make Your Web App a Web Wannabe
Helgi Thormar Thorbjoernsson / Echolibre / Coping with Cyber Monday
Dermot Daly / Tapadoo / Objective C for the iPhone
Damian OSuilleabhain / OS3 / Building iPhone Apps in an Hour
Romans Malinovski / &3% Less Fugly – the Making of
David Rook / Realex Payments / Web Security #1 / #2
John Wood / iQ Content / Adapting the Agile Agenda to Interaction Design
Eoin Keary / OWASP / Application Security Verification Standard

Andy Gibson / Independent / Web Application Testing With Selenium
Peter Kovak / ESET / Malware, Cyber Law & Security Solutions in Practice
Urban Schrott / ESET / Cybercrime
Kevin O’Connor / Hosting 365 / A Market Overview.
Jonathan Forde / Realex Payments / Integrating into Realex Payments

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Zurich – June 29 – July 3 – WCF Master Class with Juval Löwy

WCF Master Class with Juval Löwy (English)

June 29 – July 3, 2009

Zurich, Switzerland (here, to be exact!)

IDesign and John F. Martin present Master WCF in five intense days with Juval Löwy covering WCF programming, design guidelines, pitfalls, original techniques and best practices.

You will see how to take advantage of built-in features such as service hosting, instance management, asynchronous calls, synchronization, reliability, transaction management, disconnected queued calls, security and the .NET Services Bus. The material presented includes IDesign’s original techniques and utilities and goes well beyond anything you can find in conventional sources. The objective of the class is not to just make you a WCF expert, but also a better software engineer.
the cost of the class is 2995€, which includes lunch and dinner, 3495€ which also include the Hotel (excl. any tax)


Free session on Thursday 2nd July
Free, however registration is required:

Energynet – The Next Boom in Software: Juval Löwy, President of IDesign Inc.

Thursday, July 2, 19:00 – 20:30 PM

More detail:
The ongoing economy unraveling is the defining moment of our time. Many professional developers are fearful for their livelihood, as employers and customers cut and slash development plans, and as economic activity grinds to a halt. But not everywhere. In centers of technical excellence and innovation such as the Silicon Valley, the major players, from investors to industry leaders, are aligning themselves with the next boom in software, a field Juval Löwy calls the Energynet.

Alternative energy covers a wide range, from new cars, to micro renewal sources energy producers, infrastructure upgrades to charge stations and distribution, new power and transformation grids, and integration of billing systems, let alone commercial building and homes modification. And the key for making all that work is software. We simply cannot make the physics or the chemistry substantially better, but we can profoundly integrate systems, iron out inefficiency, automate and vertically
integrate energy trading, production and consumption; and the key to all of that is great software.

This massive new software system is the Energynet, and the analogy to the Internet is a good one? instead of packets and request the Energynet transfers watts and usage data, connecting anything and everything in the energy market. In this unique session, Juval Löwy will present the case for the next boom in software, share personal observation and perspectives, and point out the skills and expertise required of developers that want to not only survive but thrive on the next boom in software.