5 thoughts on “Galloway comment spam”

  1. @faceless – may be not, however since this is my domain we play by my rules – I didn’t fancy having the Galloway text search-able so I made the decision to convert it to an image – the content is still readable. If I believe it is comment spam, that’s my choice, I pay the bills for this web-site, I also make the choices regarding comment spam. I can count on one hand the number of comments that I have moderated manually, this morning’s Galloway nonsense accounted for three of them, so it’s not something I do at all frequently. Them’s the rulez.

  2. Well, the fact that you posted this story via an rss means that anyone can now see it, via google, when they wouldn’t have seen it when it was on facebook…

    Funny how things work out eh? By the way, Galloway isn’t mental enough to be storming around facebook promoting himself with badly worded tracts.

  3. “a wunder full human being”

    omg…brilliant. Perhaps they thought that good old Brad Pitt was just TOO obvious for spamming? LOL

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