“It wasnae me” – browser history, real world example 2

Readers who are sensitive to shocking content should stop reading now – the following screenshot contains text that might offend!

Over the weekend I wrote a blog entry about some of the “stuff” that I’ve found in the browser history/cache of the computers that I find myself being asked to “fix”. I find myself reminded of some text that I wrote on the subject of precisely how we find ourselves sucked into supporting the IT infrastructure of our friends, relatives, family and their friends…a scenario that doctors never find themselves presented with… Anyway, here’s the original browser history article: Browser history can help determine rebuild vs clean up, but can be revealing…

More recently, just last week to be more accurate, I was running CCleaner and Eraser over a desktop and a laptop. CCleaner is good at telling us precisely what it will remove; here’s an extract from the cookies collection that it found on the laptop:

I don’t really want to know what content I might expect from the sites that I’ve highlighted in red.

There’s little in the way of a real message in this blog entry, except to say that if you are going to ask your friend in IT to “fix” your computer (because “it’s running very slow”), think about the sites that you have been visiting before you hand it over. Personally I find admission is better than denial – tell me that I’ll find some shocking sites, tell me “it was my mate who stayed with us”, tell me anything, but the truth is always best!

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