[Event] 12-Jun-2008 – NxtGenUG – FEST08 – UK, Reading

FEST08 the annual NxtGenUG one-day event takes place at Microsoft Reading on Thursday 12th June. As ever it’s going to be an action packed day with great content from the likes of Mike Taulty ,Oliver Sturm , Dave Sussman and other top speakers. No doubt there will be bundles of ‘swag’ and prizes and Pizza somewhere down the line – there always is when the NxtGenUG Boyz are around. There seems to be a few more of them this year with the Cambridge and Southampton crews joining in the mix.

So got to http://www.nxtgenug.net/fest08/ for details and to register your place. It’s free to all NxtGenUG members and a mere £49.99 to non-members – bargain! Oh and also if you’re around the night before there is a G(r)eek dinner to toast Daniel Moth on his way to the states. http://www.nxtgenug.net/ViewEvent.aspx?EventID=140 is the link to signup to.

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