042 – Ian “Sometimes brutal, always honest” Smith – Daily Dot Net Show – we discuss Blu-ray, HD-DVD, LCD, Plasma, Community, etc.

Welcome to podcast#42. In this, what should really be a homage to Douglas Adams, Ian Smith and I sit down in a rather expensive London hotel and chat about all things in the media space. We chat about HD-DVD, Blu-ray, DDD, WebDD, NxtGenUG, London .net User Group, VBUG, Mix08, community events and much more. It’s my longest podcast so far – Barry Dorran’s held the record until now. Given that I’ll be catching up with Barry at IMTC 2008 and DDD Ireland, it’s likely we’ll see him want to beat that record!

This is a great podcast, well worth listening to – Ian has some great advice to give. Check out the “alpha” version of the dailydotnetshow below – amazing sound quality, some great “media driven test-driven development” – Ian realises that the alpha’s not perfect and know what to do in order to make the show that one bit better when it goes live!

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22 February
Spencer Kelly finds out why Blu-ray won the high definition war and Kate Ledger explores the rapidly expanding virtual worlds which are gaining popularity as people search for the perfect alternate existence.

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