Write a limerick and win FREE WPF training!

Those boys over at the NxtGenUG want you to get creative! They’re asking you to write a limerick about Guy Smith-Ferrier! The first line has to be “There was an MVP called Guy”…

Here’s my starter for you:

There was an MVP called Guy

Whose book about Internationalization was welcomed in Shanghai.

In the south-west, he created the DotNetDevNet user group,

Which is proving to be a great scoop.

He’s an MVP, of that we can’t deny.

There was an MVP called Guy

Who had an interest in Popfly

Or was it Silverlight?

To be honest, both might overexcite

But I know Guy, he’ll give both a try.

If yours is good enough, you could win a place on this WPF course! Send your entries to enquiries@nxtgenug.net

Check out the meeting details over here.

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