015 – MVP Summit 2007 – Seven Parties and….The one with the “Exclusive Book Signing”

Richard Costall, Craig Murphy, Alun Rogers, Dave McMahon

What happens when four Microsoft MVPs find themselves sitting at a round table, in a pub, in Seattle, with beer? Well, you get a comedy moment with some choice use of language – you have been warned! It’s pretty tame really, but there are a couple of words that you wouldn’t expect to hear! There are also a couple of “you had to be there moments”, the odd strange pronunciation, etc.

NxtGenUG chaps, Dave, Rich, Alun and myself found ourselves in our hotel bar, sitting at a round table. I switched on the camera’s voice recording feature, we got some beers and we wax lyrical about the day we just had.

Three Purposeful Chaps

In this show, Alun reminds us of the best way of getting swag: “see guys carrying boxes of swag, confirm it’s swag, ask for some”. Use the phrase: “what’s in the box” if you have to. Schwagistis. Schwagtastic. A lot of that swag has been distributed at various user group events, including FEST07 (where I was given some swag…the same swag that we’d blagged in Seattle two months earlier!) Huge thanks to these guys, the UK user groups really appreciated your kind offer of swag. Alun and Craig: swag champions!

Quotes, listen carefully!
“Who’s got a long horn then?”

“I’m going for a wee”, “I’m going for a 360”

The Colour-Picker Didn’t Please Everybody

Our Stripper Names
Dave = Rex Westickle
Rich = Rocky Stonerider
Alun = Dirk Fastcruise
Craig = Adam Dangleboss

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