012 – Security and forensics with Kroll’s Jérôme Torres Lozano

I was recently given an opportunity to visit a leading data recovery, computer forensics laboratory in the centre of London.

Before the tour of the lab, I was able to record a podcast with Kroll’s Jérôme Torres Lozano, a senior project manager at Kroll (Ontrack Forensics). In this podcast we discuss data recovery, computer forensics, electronic discovery (or disclosure), computer accessibilty, user friendly, law enforcement, wireless networking, secure file deletion (and reasons why you might want to securely delete files), advice for anybody embarking on a career in this domain and hard drive recovery using cleanroom facilities.

Download the podcast here. Transcript to follow.

I have a new podcast feed available too, you can subscribe to it here – and it works with Apple’s iTunes!

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This podcast:

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National Hi-Tech Crime Unit – now part of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)
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