JetBrains .NET development tools blog

I am pleased to see yet another company embracing the blogging phenomena – it [blogging] really does allow developers to reach out to their audience and communicate in a collaborative environment where things actually happen.

JetBrains have started a .NET tools blog, using none other than WordPress.

All the usual JetBrains folks are blogging:

Oleg Stepanov | Sergey Dmitriev | Alex Tkachman | Dmitry Jemerov | Kir Maximov | Sasha Maximova | Mike Aizatsky

It’s probable that you have heard of JetBrains, especially if you are using such products as ReSharper, dotTrace, IntelliJ IDEA or you may well be using their RSS reader OMEA.

They’ve also opened up access to the dotTrace 2.0 Early Access Programme (EAP). More can be found here.