A sad day…

Today saw me leave my job that I kept me off the streets for the last eight years and 3 weeks.

I’ve left because a better opportunity has come along – one that will see me more involved in ground up software development using .NET.

What will I miss most? Easy: the good people. I’ve left behind a lot of good folks, I will miss many of them – tonight, I had a drink in the Caly Ale House with a few of them.

I won’t miss the excessive admin, overhead and bureaucracy (AOB) that wore me down and I won’t miss the people who put the AOB there. AOB is wrong and should be eradicated.

Anyway, I managed to leave with “zero” e-mails in my in-box and my three big tasks for the day complete. I would like to have performed more testing, but I have only the one pair of hands.

I’ll keep you posted re: new ventures.