First piece of comment spam since deploying Spam Karma

Well, I’m sorry to say that I’ve just deleted the first piece of comment spam to make it on to this blog since I deployed Spam Karma.

Reading between the lines, I’m sure it was a piece of manual spam, i.e. a human did all the work.

Luckily, Spam Karma’s author is working on a solution to defeat this kind of spam.

4 thoughts on “First piece of comment spam since deploying Spam Karma”

  1. Still awaiting that first piece of comment SPAM getting through the protection.

    You can try tightening up SK2 settings which should help until some other measure is added to the plugin. Also see my blog for a list of the other plugins that are useful in defeating comment spam.

  2. I once did some work for an anti-spam company. There are some great and free tools you can get for linux to filter out emails. They work based on a bayesian algorithm thats recognizes spam patterns. This could easily be modified and integrated into a website that was running linux/apache/php… something to think about. I think it was called SpamAssassin. Thoughts?

  3. I have had two or three comment spams since deploying SK2. A bit annoying but at the flood of spams that I used to get has slowed to a trickle now, thanks to SK2.

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