David Anderson interviewed by Robert Scoble

Channel 9 do a good job of getting life inside Microsoft presented to the outside world…here’s another fine example.

David Anderson, who has previously spoken at Agile Scotland meetings, was quizzed by Robert Scoble about “Agile Management and what we are doing with MSF for CMMI Process Improvement”.

Download and watch the video here.

The interview was littered with good advice, but I homed in on a couple:

developers don’t like two things

  1. interfering management, i.e. micro-management
  2. management not doing something when something abnormal happens

“Incremental development (Ed.with regard to TDD) only works when refactoring is part of the equation”, Ron Jefferies

It’s well worth the download, do take the time to watch it. Clarke sums David’s style up rather well: “David has a nice way of simplifying complex things”